Meet Our Agents

Eric Driver

Eric Driver is a dedicated, hardworking real estate professional with a specialized focus on catering to both buyers and sellers in the realms of land, commercial, and single-family homes. Armed with a wealth of knowledge in land development, Eric possesses expertise in zoning regulations, environmental considerations, and the overall process of bringing a vision to fruition. With a passion for excellence, Eric excels in negotiation, ensuring a seamless and rewarding experience for clients. Proudly rooted in the scenic city of Wendell, NC, his upbringing involved diligent work on a family farm, instilling a strong work ethic. His motivation lies in his son, the driving force behind every endeavor.

Having drawn inspiration from remarkable individuals throughout life, Eric aspires to cultivate happiness, achieve substantial success, and leave behind a legacy of aiding others in fulfilling their aspirations. With a proven track record of thirteen years in sales, he has exceeded goals to excel at the highest level. Eric continually researches the present market, ensuring that every piece of information shared with current and future clients is well-supported. His utmost priority is to provide the highest level of education to all clients when discussing their real estate desires and needs. Whether you’re a prospective buyer eager to make a real estate investment or a seller looking to sell your property, Eric is equipped to guide you in the right direction. Reach out today and begin the process of turning your dream into a tangible reality.

Virginia Hocutt

Meet Virginia Hocutt, a seasoned real estate expert with nearly a decade of dedicated experience, focusing on specialized areas such as land acquisition, new construction, development, and both listing and buyer representation. She strives to provide clients with opportunities that align with financial goals and help you build a strong diversified portfolio.

As a proud member of the local community, she brings not only market expertise but also deep roots and a genuine passion for its preservation, growth and prosperity. Born and raised in Johnston County, she holds a deep appreciation for farmers and farmland. She advocates for local builders rather than large-scale developers which allows landowners in maximizing profits from their land while also contributing to the preservation of farmland.

With an unparalleled understanding of the area’s real estate market, she offers a distinct advantage when it comes to identifying the perfect parcel or home for your needs. As a former teacher, she understands the power of knowledge and goes beyond traditional real estate services by educating clients on market trends, investment strategies, and ways to maximize profit. Virginia Hocutt is dedicated to you.

Doris Jurkiewicz

In today’s competitive market, you need a passionate, local advisor who can help you navigate the home buying and selling process. As a valued client, you’ll Receive: 

  • Expertise in neighborhoods and the local markets 
  • Innovative strategies to market and sell your home 
  • Additional insights into listings that are not accessible online
  • A trusted and knowledgeable partner through closing and beyond 

I bring a wealth of knowledge on local communities, current market conditions, and the home buying and selling process. I strive to provide exceptional service every step of the way, so I can provide you with a real estate experience that exceeds your expectations. 

Local Expertise 

You need someone who knows this area inside and out! I can work with you to find the right home at the right price for you, including all the neighborhood amenities that matter. 

Selling Your Home 

When it’s time to move, you need someone who markets your home, knows how to find the right buyer, negotiates on your behalf, oversees the inspections, handles all necessary paperwork and supervises the closing. I take care of everything you need, from start to close. 

Timing Is Everything 

Whether you are looking for a new home or thinking about selling your current home, call me today. I will put my expertise to work and provide you with guidance and advice on what you need to know to make the best possible

Autumn "Celeste" Williams

Autumn is a highly accomplished recent graduate of HPW Real Estate school, who joined Driver Realty Group in March of 2023. With over 8 years of experience as a Registered Nurse serving the triad and triangle areas of North Carolina, Autumn has developed exceptional communication and interpersonal skills, allowing her to excel in all social situations. As a realtor, she works tirelessly to cater to the unique needs of each individual client, constantly striving to deliver a superior professional and personal service experience. Autumn’s dedication to excellence has earned her a reputation as a top-performing realtor, and she is committed to ensuring that all homebuyers, sellers, investors, and families receive the highest level of satisfaction and success in their real estate transactions.